What Pats jersey are you wearing right now


You see them everywhere, but the NFL game jersey, replica or authentic, is no more prevalent than it is at games.

Needless to say, this week in Phoenix, we’ve seen all 32 teams represented well.

For this pre Super Bowl column, I’d like to focus on your New England Patriots, a team I was a fan of as a child and have covered for 15 years cheap jerseys  Here is my current assessment of the jerseys that rock and those that I’d think about, if they made them in my size.

1 To me, the only «1» in franchise history is John Smith, kicker from the 1970s. Heck of a nice guy, good kicker, too.

Unless you’re from the UK, as he is, I don’t think there’s much reason to wear it.

2 Just think too many awful punters in the past. Yes, in Natick or Metrowest, there may be a Flutie factor, but I’d pass.

3 Stephen Gostkowski’s number? Has he ever made a big, big kick.

4 Adam Vinatieri has. Many of them. This number shouldn’t be worn. It should be hung on a wall forever. Retire it as one of the five all time great Pats.

5 Timmy T!!!! Really???? I swear I just saw one.

6 Ryan Allen friends and family only, please.

11 Huge, huge, huge red flags here. Just don’t see how anyone could wear this number. I immediately think Tony Eason when I see 11. I don’t think Drew Bledsoe or Julian Edelman. I think Eason. I stay away. Edelman’s troubles early in his career off field might make me back off and not want to rep him. Yes, everyone has one. Go for it. Join the club.

14 Must be an old school Pat Patriot style in red or white, to honor the great Steve Grogan.

18 Only the ET’s David Willis would wear Matt Slater’s number proudly. Clearly his favorite Patriot.

19 I heard that Atkinson’s Mike Leavitt bought a couple dozen of these after receiver Brandon LaFell keyed his $1 million fantasy win this season.

23 I’m not a big Pat Chung guy on the field. But he seems to do a ton for charity and kids off it. I go with it.

24 I’m waiting for a creative person to have one of these that says Law/Revis on the nameplate. Two of the alltime great corners, both headed to the Hall of Fame. This one is in my top three, if not number one.

25, 26, 27, 30 You are clearly a fan of Belichick’s draft busts, like Arrington, Ryan, Wilson and Harmon respectively.

29 I know he can run. But is LeGarrette Blount’s image something you’d want your child to foster? I have to pass.

32 I think the rep is bigger than the player. Still, Devin McCourty has grown into a heck of a likeable guy.

33 Sacred ground here with Kevin Faulk, a key on three title teams. Wear with pride.

34 You wasted your money, hope you only bought the replica.

35, 38 Still haven’t seen a Jonas Gray or Brandon Bolden.

39 Brandon Browner, nice guy, but he’s not here for long and he really hasn’t done much, accept gather penalty flags. No thanks. Unless, again you go old school, Pat Patriot. If that’s the case, us card carrying members of the Sam «Bam» Cunningham fan club thank you.

42 Ahh «Mini» Mack Herron. Go for it, but you must be 45 or older.

47 Only wear if you want to test people on how to spell, Hoomanawanui.

50 Again, what’s on your nameplate? I’m taking Vrabel. You Pats bandwagon jumpers out there will certainly go Ninkovich.

51 So many Mayo backers out there. Unless you got it on a clearance rack, you got burned.

52 I’d go Ted Johnson on you, for sure. The guy is a champion who gave his body and head up for this football team. Yep, you betcha.