alleged attacker in Aliquippa


Titus Parish on Franklin Avenue. Police moved quickly in arresting Andrew Bullock on charges including rape and aggravated assault. Investigators say Bullock’s boots matched a footprint in the snow from the scene.

The injured nun underwent surgery for a serious jaw injury at a Pittsburgh hospital. She’s a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden.

Sister Mary Pellegrino, a local spokeswoman for the congregation, said they have received messages of sympathy, prayer and support for the nun who was assaulted.

Pellegrino encourages members of the community who are outraged and angry about the alleged rape to work toward jerseys She said that starts with the forgiveness process, something that does not happen in an instant.

Forgiveness can be challenging, but it is critical for healing, Pellegrino said,»so that we don’t retaliate, so that we don’t return violence with violence, so that we make those choices that are going to help us to heal and not the choices that are really diminish and our capacity for that.»

Pellegrino added that the victim had a message to share with those who have prayed for her. Joseph of Baden:

«The Sisters of St. Joseph are deeply saddened and heart broken by the assault of one of our Sisters. Through God’s grace and goodness, Sister is expected to be released from the hospital today.

«During this difficult and sensitive time, we ask that you honor and respect Sister’s privacy. As we offer continued prayers of healing for our Sister, we also pray for the young man who has been arrested in the assault.

«We are grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers from the Aliquippa community where Sister lives, the St. Titus Parish where she serves, and the many well wishers from across the country.

«As Sisters of St. Joseph, we live and work to bring all people into union with God, and Sister manifests that spirit every day. Sister is a passionate advocate of nonviolence, peace and justice, and each month she conducts a prayer vigil for peace in the chapel of our Motherhouse.»

Police say an 18 year old man beat her and raped her near her church. The public outcry was intense. Anger and outrage and sadness. Only ono Four 3 Perrine sat down with one of the victim’s fellow sisters today she shares a message from the nun who was attacked. 3 3 THE NUN WHO WAS RAPED IS PART OF THE SISTERS OF SAINT JOSEPH OF BADEN CONGREGATION. 3 TRACK: WHEN MANY OF YOU HEARD THE NEWS THAT AN 18 YEAR OLD RAPED A NUN OUTSIDE AN ALIQUIPPA CHURCH FRIDAY YOUR RESPONSE WAS INTENSE. 3 3 TRACK: AND IF YOU 3 HAVE SAID A PRAYER FOR THE 85 YEAR OLD NUN SHE HAS A MESSAGE FOR YOU. 3 3 ONE THING SISTER MARY HOPES COMES OF ALL THIS THAT OTHER VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE WILL BE INSPIRED TO GET HELP IN HEALING. SHANNON PERRINE CHANNEL FOUR